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Famous Lincolnshire foods with delicious histories Posted On 20 November 2020

Famed worldwide for its local culinary specialities and strong farming heritage, Lincolnshire boasts some of the most delectable and oldest recipes in the world, some dating back hundreds of years.



Lincolnshire sausage

Lincolnshire is perhaps most famous, though, for its gorgeous sausages. Cumberland sausages tend to be heavily seasoned with black pepper, whereas Lincolnshire sausages boast a host of herbs to bring out their deep and meaty favours, with an annual festival being held in the castle and cathedral grounds which celebrates this pride and joy of the county.


Though there is some dispute and contention as to the origins of the Lincolnshire sausage, the first official record of a Lincolnshire sausage is in a recipe dating back to 1886. Typically the sausage is made with at least 70 per cent course-cut British pork, flavoured with sage and seasoned with salt and pepper, and features in a variety is classic national dishes, including the full English breakfast, bangers and mash, and toad in the hole.



Grantham Gingerbread

A Grantham baker named Eggleston created this recipe in 1740, but it was by accident! When attempting to make the popular Whetstone biscuit, he used the wrong ingredient which resulted in a gingerbread. Before he knew it he was selling these newly-established, accidentally-created and immediately beloved Grantham Gingerbreads all over England.


Because bakeries began to gradually close down from the 70s onward, by the millennium Grantham Gingerbreads were pretty much gone. But, realizing the famous treat’s fate, baker Alastair Hawken began experimenting in 2009 and sought to bring the product back to life. Hawken later discovered, after a chance meeting with a fourth-generation family member of William Eggleston, that the recipe he had recreated was identical to the original.


Alastair said: “It’s phenomenally popular. It’s not just the heritage but the recipe in its own right is great quality. When I salvaged it from the history books it was very much a local product but now sales are nationwide and international. I’m just about to send some to America and Canada. I think gingerbread is something we all fall in love with in our childhood and that magical memory remains with us throughout our lives.”


Hawkens supplies tea rooms, shops including Lincolnshire Co-op, the National Trust and the Queen’s Royal Estate of Sandringham. As well as traditional gingerbread men and ginger nuts, the bakery sells magic stars and Christmas tree shapes and flavours have evolved to include chocolate orange and Italian lemon.



Lincolnshire Poacher

Created by Simon Jones at the family farm, Ulceby Grange, on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds near Alford, this cheese is young but with an eventful story to share. 1992 saw Jones arrive back from agricultural college and begin looking into cheese-making. He subsequently made his first batch of cheese on February 17th of that year. The name, Lincolnshire Poacher, was attributed to the cheese, named after the unofficial anthem of Lincolnshire.



Lincolnshire plum loaf

Talking of cheese, it would be the perfect accompaniment to this gently spiced fruit loaf, what is a versatile and classic treat in Lincolnshire, typically made with prunes, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice. The Slater Eyre bakery in Louth claims the origin of one such recipe in 1834 when it was first made by Charles Myers in Alford. Descendants of Alford sustain the tradition today within their bakery in Horncastle.


It is said to be a firm favourite with the Royal Family, but the loaf particularly shot to fame when the celebrity chefs, the Hairy Bikers, featured the dish on their TV series, Food Tour of Britain. In the bikers’ own recipe, they soak the dried fruit in Earl Grey tea.

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