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DIY Disaster Posted On 01 December 2021


Decorating mistakes to Avoid!


Everyone makes mistakes when designing their homes. We've all had an "oh no" moment that makes us question our capabilities as design enthusiasts. The good news: There is a solution to everything. So don't beat yourself up for your own interior design mistakes and learn how to avoid future ones.


Always see a fabric sample before ordering a big piece of furniture. On a screen, colours can appear different, and the shade might be brighter or darker than it appears online. Ordering a sample first will allow to see the shade in all lights, and in comparison to the other items in the room. If it's too late and you've ordered the furniture and it's not possible to return, consider layering in patterns and other complementary colours in the rug, accent chairs, and pillows.


When you're at the initial design stage, considering where to place plug sockets is so important. you will always need more than you think! The last thing you want is a maze of extension cords.


When decorating, preparation is key. It may seem boring but before you even touch a paintbrush, get the masking tape out and thoroughly prep the room. Either remove all furniture from the room or cover with decorating sheets. don't forget the floor - the last thing you want is paint splatters all over your new carpet! When choosing your paint colour, choose the colour last. Paint is available in thousands of colours and can be easily changed. Choose the expensive piece for your room first, then decorate around them.


Artwork should be hung at about eye-level. This varies from person to person, so use your judgment. But it's better to err on the side of lower rather than higher. Curtains and drapes should skim the floor. It's okay if they're longer and they puddle a bit, but they should never be shorter. Curtains that are too short have the same effect as pants that are too short: they make the wall look truncated and shorter than it is.


Finally, there are a lot of exceptional looking items out there that look great but are uncomfortable to sit in. This is your home, so comfort is key.


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