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Common Estate Agent Myths Debunked Posted On 25 October 2021

The Truth behind those Misconceptions

Selling your home is one of the most daunting, and most exciting things that you can do. Yet despite this, it is a process which is surrounded by misconceptions. Here are just a few…

  1. All Estate Agents are the Same
  • WRONG! All estate agents different, choosing a local agent over an online one will ensure you have a personalised selling experience and are guided through the process. An online agent may seem cheaper initially, but you will be hit with extra fees for ‘additional’ services such as accompanied viewings which local agents include in their standard package.
  1. South Facing Gardens Achieve the Highest Price
  • WRONG! In fact, a river view will increase the price of your property more than a south-facing garden! This being said, river views are few and far between and a south-facing garden will rank highly on many potential buyers lists.
  1. Choose the Agent who Values your Home the Highest
  • WRONG! Naturally, you will be drawn to the agent who values your home the highest. However, choosing to list your property at the average valuation from multiple agents is likely to be a more accurate, and realistic price point for your home. You may put off potential buyers with an initial list price which is too high. You also don’t want to have to lower the price later down the line and give the impression of a stale property.
  1. Now is the Time to do your DIY
  • WRONG! Weigh up the cost and time on your part versus dropping the price slightly to allow the new owner to complete these tasks in their own time. If you have flaking paint or peeling wallpaper, it will be relatively inexpensive to fix and will instantly boost the appeal of your property so would be worth it. Installing a new kitchen or bathroom is costly and you are unlikely to see the money returned in the sale so don’t waste your effort.
  1. Fresh Bread and Coffee help sell Homes
  • WRONG! Food smells are a distraction. Give your house a thorough clean as a fresh, clean scent is far more appealing to buyers!

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