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A Pizza My Heart Posted On 26 October 2021

Grab a Slice (or two) of the Action this October

A good pizza is truly a special dish, the perfect amount of oozing, melted cheese, the delicate balance of dough to topping ratio, the perfect amount of crunch in the crust. The word pizza dates back to 997AD in Southern Italy and October gives pizza lovers everywhere an excuse to indulge for a whole month!

Pizza as a flatbread with a tomato sauce started in Naples. Until the 1830’s, it was almost exclusively sold from open-air stands and out of pizza bakeries. Whilst there are very few happy outcomes from World War 2, one of the positives was that allied troops who had been stationed in Italy brought the idea of pizza back to their home countries. Another fun pizza fact is the name of the marinara sauce. This traditional tomato sauce was created by ‘La Marinara’, the mariner’s wife, to serve her seafaring husband upon returning from fishing the Bay of Naples.

Pizza Month was originally celebrated only in America. It was started in 1984 by Gerry Durnell, publisher of Pizza today, a magazine dedicated to this delicious treat. So, how can you get involved? The best way to celebrate pizza month is to eat pizza! Why not try making pizza at home as a family? Whether you’re making dough from scratch or picking up a premade refrigerated dough, making pizza at home can be a fun activity for the whole family. Lacking inspiration? Give one of these unusual combinations a try…

  1. Potato and Burrata Pizza

-Add thin slices of potato to pizza dough covered in lemon basil pesto. Top with piles of burrata cheese – you’re welcome!

  1. Charred Brussel Sprouts
  • Char some brussel sprouts, brown some butter with sage to drizzle on top, add some prosciutto, and finish with provolone and fontina cheese. After baking, sprinkle with pomegranate seeds for colour and flavour.
  1. Leftover Lamb Pizza
  • Lay your thinly sliced, rare roast lamb atop the marinara sauce. Add a few dollops of horseradish, caramelised red onions and crumble some feta for a truly delicious, unique pizza. Trust me – you NEED to try this one.
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